Custom Steel & Aluminium Fabrications

Level up your game with professionally fabricated vehicles by D.A.M. Steel Fabrications.

We are Australian to the core, and we know how to have fun, the Australian way. This is why we design and fabricate recreational vehicles that can withstand the diverse and extreme terrains and climates of the country. When you’re out to experience all that you can, we’re here for you!

For your recreation vehicle, we use only premium locally sourced materials, as we know this to be made for our specific needs and conditions. We employ up-to-date CAD design and TIG welding technologies, as well as the latest equipment, and design and fabrication techniques. You can expect performance and toughness on the road.

Talk to us about making your vehicle truly road-worthy and fun! Our team is ready to work with you on your project. Call 02 4721 8204 today.

Lift Up Doors
Make access easy through lift up doors that are durable and secure. Talk to the team today about incorporating these doors to your vehicle fabrication project.

Bi-fold Doors
When you want uncompromised style and ease of access, choose bi-fold doors for your vehicle. Meet with the team and we’ll collaborate on incorporating this to your recreational ride.

Adjustable Shelves
For moveable space and better organisation, talk to D.A.M. Steel Fabrication about installing adjustable shelves into your vehicle.

Drawer Units
Equip your recreational vehicle with the storage space you need. Drawer units are some of your best options. Talk to us today about incorporating these to your fabricated vehicle project.

Ladder Racks
If you’ve got a ladder to transport, make sure to keep it secure and safe. Ladder racks are your go-to vehicle fabrication to get this does. Talk to us about equipping your vehicle with ladder racks.

Spare Tyre Holders
Get your vehicle organised. Spare tyre holders are great additions to your recreational vehicle. Talk to us about your fabrication project today.

Jerry Can Holder
Keep your jerry can securely kept and intact. A jerry can holder can spell a world of difference when it comes to getting your vehicle organised. Talk to us today about your fabrication needs.

Roof Baskets
Transport your gear and other recreational equipment securely with roof baskets. For sturdy and durable fabrication work, talk to us today.

Integrated Central Locking
Secure your recreational vehicle with an integrated central locking system especially designed for your ride. Talk to us today about your vehicle fabrication project.

Fridge Slides
Fridge slides are convenient ways to organise and access your on-road refrigerator. Get these installed, and experience the difference. Talk to us today.

Pull-out Tables
Optimise your use of space with pull-out tables. This gives you so much options when it comes to what you can do with your recreational vehicle. Talk to us today about incorporating these to your ride.

Tent Attachments
Tent attachments let you incorporate your vehicle into your outdoor sleeping set-up. This means you don’t have to deal with sleepless nights, laying on pebbly or moist grounds. Talk to us today about this cool vehicle fabrication.

Awning Attachments
Don’t let the harsh sun get in the way of a great time outdoors. Awning attachments equip your vehicle with a roof over your head and your ride. Talk to us today about this custom vehicle integration.

Kitchen Setup and Other Custom Integration
Design a home on the road with our help. We are expert in mobile kitchen setups and other custom integration for your vehicle. Talk to us today about your fabrication needs.

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